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B Corps and business as a force for good

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

It’s B Corp Month. The ideal time to focus on what it means to do business differently and put people and the planet, first.

Several of my clients live their commitment to ‘good business’ through their structure, corporate social responsibility programmes, and by working with organisations such as Blueprint for better business, 1% for the planet, and B Lab.

As March is ‘B Corp Month’, this article focuses on how to become B Corp accredited, what to do when you get there, the impact on a company’s performance, and how understanding your brand values, your customers, and your purpose is key.

But first. Let’s take a step back.

What is a B Corp?

B Lab - the non-profit network that aims to transform the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet, certifies B Corporations.

These ‘B Corps’ are required to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

A Pink Mingo shout-out for awesome B Corps

There are over 6,000 B Corps around the world, across 159 industries in 89 countries. All B Corps commit to having a positive impact.

My values are aligned with the B Corp movement and so it is great to see the organisation gather momentum in the UK with over 1,100 B Corps such as Innocent Drinks, Simplyhealth and Sipsmith.

A favourite of mine, Scottish beer company Brewgooder, “started with a bold ambition: to fund projects that empower and improve the lives of 1 million people by 2030.”

Brewgooder has provided upwards of 150 million litres of clean water for people around the world; empowering over 150,000 lives and funding more than 140 sanitation and clean water projects.

You can read more about how Brewgooder is focusing on commercial objectives to maximise impact, here: Corps/purpose-alone-is-no-longer-a-usp/

Win-win for people, planet and profit

Not only are B Corps more sustainable but they experience accelerated growth.

There is clear evidence that purposeful, value-aligned organisations are more profitable and develop at a rapid pace compared to traditional businesses.

Data from B Lab shows that B Corps have a faster growth in turnover (27% vs 5%) and employee headcount (14% vs 1%), greater levels of employee retention, engagement and diversity, higher levels of innovation and are more successful in securing equity finance (70% vs 56%).

So, doing business the right way is a win-win situation for the planet and your company.

How does your business become a B Corp?

Becoming a certified B Corp is a huge undertaking for any business. You will be rigorously tested with recertification taking place every three years. But it is rewarding. The challenges will help you to do business better and create positive change.

As a Marketing and Brand Strategist I deliver clarity and help businesses make an impact. I’m passionate about helping you achieve your objectives.

What you need to focus on when going for B Corp certification:

Be clear about…

  • Your purpose and what you do

  • Who you help and what problems you solve

Be bold and brave about …

  • Your values. Don’t worry about turning off certain people. They are not your ideal customer

  • Send a bold message. You’re more likely to attract the people you want to work with.

Working together we’ll look at your purpose, your values, your customers, your messaging and more. I’ll give you valuable insights to help you move forward.

Pink Mingo provided marketing strategy support for certified B Corp, Headway

Yorkshire based Headway Recruitment’s B Corp journey was motivated by a drive to do the right thing with regards to their social and environmental impact.

Mark Gill, Managing Director of Headway says; “I believe that we as individuals, and businesses, must be accountable for the type of world we want to live in. From environmental degradation to social equality, we can all do our bit. That’s why Headway is on a mission to work with ethically and socially purposeful organisations to help them find them the best talent and to scale up.

Mark Gill describes their B Corp journey as transformative. Adding that, “The work we did with Elizabeth at Pink Mingo definitely helped us on the journey. Specifically understanding our client avatars, that really helped in terms of our outreach and communication style. It also helped us to identify types of roles that we enjoy working on and how to start those conversations.”

Marketing tips for B Corps

Congratulations – you’ve become a B Corp. What next? Achieving your ambitions as a business that’s a force for good will be the main aim.

B Corps need to integrate their certification into their marketing.

  • Make the most of your credentials

  • Be committed to ethical marketing

  • Nail your brand values and your purpose

It’s crucial that all businesses invest in a good marketing strategy. I can develop a blueprint to get you where you want to be.

Key takeaways

  • Doing business the right way benefits people, the planet and B Corps

  • Know your purpose, your customers and the problems you solve

  • Be bold about your brand values and your messaging

  • Make being a B Corp central to your marketing

  • Whether you’re a B Corp, aspiring to be one or just love the movement like Pink Mingo - be inspired by B Corps. They’re amazing!

On-demand marketing smarts for your business

Do you need clarity for your marketing? I’m a London and Edinburgh based Marketing and Brand Strategist. I can help you make an impact and get where you want to grow. Faster.

My process is simple - Connect, Explore, Map and Implement.

I work in a very collaborative way and that usually begins with a chat over coffee, or Zoom. Contact me to discuss!


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