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Destination Growth

Scream if you want to go faster: how a good strategy can eliminate distractions and accelerate your business growth.

Setting off on a journey without knowing where you are going and without a map can be exhilarating.

You often discover unexpected people, experiences and places you didn’t even know you were looking for.

Unfortunately, this delicious aimlessness rarely translates to business.

In business, it pays to have a strategy

To grow, it’s essential you know where your organisation is now and what you are aiming for, and to develop a roadmap focusing on the clients and activity that will get you there fastest.

Delicious aimlessness rarely works in business. In business, it pays to have a strategy

A monetary target isn’t enough

A sales or revenue target alone leads to confusion, a sense of busyness without purpose and a culture of being reactive rather than proactive. It doesn’t empower teams to make decisions about where they spend their time.

I have a lot of experience in delivering growth strategies that get business leaders aligned around their ‘north star’ goal, gain clarity on their growth clients, avoid distractions and build sustainable, growing pipelines.

Reframe strategy as prioritisation

My start point is to get clients thinking of strategy as simple prioritisation.

You can do anything, but you can’t do everything, so prioritising where you spend your time and resources will give you disproportionate results.

Think of it like this: You want to get to point B, which may be a revenue target, market share or position. The first thing you need to baseline is where you are now, point A.

Next, what are the steps you’ll need to take to get to your goal? What assets does your business already have that you’ll need to maximise? What are the barriers you’ll need to overcome? What data do you have to underpin your assumptions and quantify performance?

Think of strategy as simple prioritisation. You can do anything, but you can’t do everything!

If you are interested in working with me on your Growth Strategy, then please do get in touch.

A typical engagement will begin with a bespoke, facilitated workshop with your key stakeholders, and culminate in me delivering a made-to-measure, ROI-led strategy document. Your businesses’ roadmap to growth.

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