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I am Elizabeth Lichten, the bird behind Pink Mingo 

I am a UK-based marketing and brand strategist. I work independently, and with a trusty band of agencies and freelancers, to support great clients worldwide.

I’m passionate about helping you achieve your objectives: be they transformative growth, a stand-out campaign that bags you that promotion, or new messaging that completely changes how clients see your product or service.

Flexible marketing expertise, on-demand

My happy place is working with you in times of flux, high growth, new market entry or unprecedented change.

In practice that looks like anything from fulfilling short-term Interim Marketing Director roles and retained CMO engagements, to delivering one-off campaign and investment strategies that generate growth and messaging that cuts through the noise.

Delivering the right level of support, where and when you need it

My B2B and B2C career spans Technology, Financial Services, Healthcare, the Built Environment, Wellness, Travel, Space and Defence. I also have the privilege of being embedded in the vibrant world of startups – helping founders determine and fund their path forward.  


So, whether you are a mature business or a newly hatched brand, please get in touch to explore how we can fly higher together.

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Social impact

I believe equality is a prerequisite for a better world.


The country you are born in, your race, your gender, your sexuality and your family's circumstances disproportionately affect how safe, well and prosperous you will be.  I don't believe it should be that way.

The best ideas are stifled in homogeny.


The planet's boardrooms and institutions need challenging voices and diverse experiences to build future cities that work for everyone, to solve issues in our communities and to develop the technology we need for a changing world.

Listening, learning, taking action.


Pink Mingo is an anti-racist business


A percentage of all profits are donated to You Make It, an inspiring, award-winning organisation which empowers young unemployed women with the confidence, skills, networks, knowledge, and experiences needed to realise their passions and pursue their goals. 


I am also a proud Non-Executive Director for Thera Group. Thera believes people with a learning disability can be leaders in society and provides care and services to enable this.

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