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The value of interim marketers

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

The level of support your organisation needs changes over time and interim marketing consultants are able to step in to restore order and momentum to your brand.

What is in it for the company?

Interim marketers can add real value, no matter the size or stage of your business.

For example, start-ups may not be in the position to hire full marketing teams on a permanent basis but will urgently need expert advice to produce investment decks and get their messaging on point when taking innovations to market.

For large corporates, the challenge may be more in keeping their established marketing machine well-oiled while undertaking time consuming recruitment processes. Sometimes organisations just need someone who’ll challenge and coach their teams, achieve more from their marketing budgets and get key projects over the line.

What is in it for the individual?

Variety, autonomy, a fast-paced environment, take your pick!

Personally speaking, having had experience in leadership roles across engineering, property, healthcare, life sciences and professional services - interim assignments give me the opportunity to share that knowledge and to quickly drive change.

What clients say

Neil Bullen, Managing Director, Global Head of Real Estate at Turner & Townsend​:

"Elizabeth acted as interim Global Marketing & Communications Director during a period of transition while we secured a permanent lead"

"Her grasp of the business and competent, collaborative leadership meant we could successfully get key projects over the line without rushing what was a hugely important recruitment decision for us."

Need some strategic help? In-between marketing directors or never considered engaging one? Connect with me today.

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