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Communicating in the time of Coronavirus

Whether you are cut off from family, your sourdough baking has taken off, you've been furloughed or your online business orders have plummeted; this is a totally unprecedented time for all humanity.

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With this in mind, I wanted to support my little area of the world by sharing some resources for business leaders and marketing and brand professionals on how to communicate now, what to expect next, and how to keep yourself sane in the in between.

Communication tips for right now

Just like previous crises, bold businesses are leaning in to learn, communicate and differentiate themselves in the turmoil.

I have been really impressed with how many of my clients are being more proactive, human and authentic, than ever before in the way they are communicating with their employees, customers and suppliers.

So, what comes next?

Well as you know, no one knows. My opinion is that this crisis has raised the bar for businesses for good, and that now is the time for the world's biggest brands to lead the way.

Apple, Facebook and Google are collaborating for the first time, developing technological solutions and donating face masks to health workers, while Amazon has committed to distributing at-home coronavirus tests, while simultaneously fighting unions and lawsuits around their treatment of their employees.

I predict this will have a trickle down effect in terms of what we expect of businesses, especially big businesses, going forward. To succeed in a post-Covid19 world, brands need to be radically transparent, purposeful, demonstrably community-minded, fair to their employees and above all, human.

Working from home

As home working becomes a new reality for many, I recently contributed to a Marketing Essentials Lab blog on how to be productive at this time.

It doesn't cover how to do your day job while home-schooling or what to do when your dog interrupts a virtual board meeting, but there are some useful tips from me and other freelancers who are used to working from home.

Keeping connected

There is no doubt that technology is helping us all communicate and collaborate (Houseparty, I see you) but as social creatures, it is a challenge for many of us to go without the level of connection we are used to for prolonged periods of time. To help keep us connected, I ran a number of online workshops in May and June. The topics are listed below.

  • Growth marketing for B2B start-ups

  • Professional Services Marketers: Mindset, Motivation & Means to Succeed (collaboration)

  • More bang for your buck: identifying and targeting growth clients

  • The Marketing Director’s guide to getting organised


Please get in touch if you'd like to receive the slides for these workshops or to discuss re-running any for your marketing team.

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