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Agility is key to resourcing your marketing plans

How assembling a flexible marketing team can meet fluctuating demand and help you better deliver on your business marketing goals.

The past few years have seen massive changes in the workplace. And these shifts have only been accelerated in the context of Coronavirus, where we simply can't work the way we used to.

Independent contractors added over $1 trillion to the U.S. economy last year

Even without a global pandemic, organisations from professional services firm Deloitte, to the UK's National Health Service, were utilising technology to offer flexibility to their workforce, improve productivity and streamline their operations. As well as flexibility for the permanent workforce, employers are leveraging the ‘gig economy’ to meet fluctuating demand at every level of their organisations; from locum general practitioners, to interim Chief Financial Officers and freelance copywriters. According to a study released by MBO Partners, independent work has not replaced traditional roles, but has created a separate resource of workers, and a rise in independent contractors added over $1 trillion to the U.S. economy last year.

Independent work has not replaced traditional work, but has created a separate resource of workers

Pink Mingo 2019 Client Survey: what marketing resources do you plan to use in the next 12 months?

If you have big plans for 2020 and need an extra pair of hands around key campaigns and deliverables, employing a large, expensive marketing agency, is no longer your only option.

It has never been easier to find the perfect fit for your company and its needs

Full-service agencies

Full-service marketing agencies offer everything your business requires for marketing, promotions, and advertising under one umbrella.

They give you scalability on-demand and can take the pain out of delivering on your objectives. Often this can reduce the management time that working with a fleet of smaller agencies might involve.

Be sure to share clear objectives and a well-articulated brief as costs can rise quickly if the agency has to undertake a lengthy exploration phase to understand your business or industry before getting started.

Niche agencies

These agencies may be niche either in terms of being specialists in your industry, or specialists in their field of SEO, digital, thought-leadership or design.

The benefit of these agencies are that they are best in class in their field. The potential downside is that they may have a narrow focus, or in the case of industry specific, they may be working with your competitors.

Depending on what you want to achieve, you’ll be best placed to assess whether you need a razor focus, or a broader view.

Interim Marketers

Interim marketers can add real value, no matter the size or stage of your business.

For example, start-ups may not be in the position to hire full marketing teams on a permanent basis but will urgently need expert advice to produce investment decks and get their messaging on point when taking innovations to market. For large corporates, the challenge may be more in keeping their established marketing machine well-oiled while undertaking time-consuming recruitment processes. Sometimes organisations just need someone who’ll challenge and coach their teams, achieve more from their marketing budgets and get key projects over the line.

Freelance Marketing Consultants

According to the 2019 Pink Mingo client survey, 88% of people agree there is an increasing need for an agile workforce, and that businesses must build a network of high-quality freelancers to draw on.

88% of clients surveyed believe there is an increasing need for an agile workforce

While Interim Marketers work to a number of days a week or month, for a set period of time, consultants tend to work on a project-by-project basis.

This is cost effective to organisations as they don’t pay overheads or downtime, they pay for deliverables. Freelance consultants bring a fresh perspective and best practice from other clients and industries.

They are also flexible and can work as collaboratively, or as remotely, with your team as required.

More and more, I am collaborating with other independent consultants and small agencies to deliver larger projects for clients. Businesses see the benefit of tapping into these networks because given the freelance life is based on connections, if you are hiring a writer, chances are they can recommend a brilliant designer too, and so on.

Pink Mingo 2019 Client Survey: what are the benefits of hiring a freelance marketing consultant?

Find out more

If you are between Marketing Directors or looking for some robust, short-term support, Pink Mingo can step into the breach. To give your business an injection of passion, energy and marketing expertise: get in touch.

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