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2024 Trend series: Practical AI adoption

Put simply, AI is the biggest thing to hit marketing since the internet. But where to start with getting a handle on the opportunities and uses for this transformative technology?

AI is the biggest thing to hit marketing since the internet

How are marketers using AI?

Generative artificial intelligence (also generative AI or GenAI) is artificial intelligence capable of generating text, images, or other media, using generative models.

Among (many, many) other things, it can help marketers visually brief design agencies, create content, develop sales guides, and predict churn.

A good place to start is to understand where other marketers are already leveraging this technology.

Chart sources: NP Digital and Salesforce

How do I get started?

Understand the landscape

Given this is the biggest thing to happen to marketing since the internet, you don’t want to be left behind. Work towards being the AI expert in your team by seeking out courses and articles to help you better understand – and articulate – the opportunities.

Get found

AI is changing how we find information.

To ensure AI search finds your content, follow the usual principles of being an online authority in your organisation’s chosen field. Invest in building your reputation and expertise through media mentions and secure backlinks to your content from reputable websites.

Also ensure you are on AI’s training sites –where AI builds its knowledge bank – e.g. YouTube subtitles, Wikipedia and Academic papers.

Closer to clients

As well as the client testimonials and metrics you have at your fingertips to understand your audience, use Chat GPT to build a deeper knowledge of what makes them tick.

For example, you could ask what the typical ‘day in the life’ is of a New York property developer or a Global Chief Technology Officer and use the insights to develop buyer personas and empathy maps.

You could also ask what the typical sales objections might be to your product or service and ask Chat GPT to put together a guide for salespeople to overcome these barriers.


The best way to start, is to start with your next task.

Have a look at what is out there - from image editing (PhotoRoom, Picsart) to video editing (descript, invideo) and marketing and sales copy (, anyword).

You can also explore the thousands of ChatGPT plugins.

Once you have a good idea of AI’s uses, you can start to think more strategically about how to leverage the benefits across your marketing organisation.

If you'd like to discuss your 2024 AI plans and integrating these into your marketing strategy, you can contact me.

This blog is part of the 2024 Marketing Leader's Guide. Explore the trends and download helpful planning tools, here:


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