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Your Growth Marketing Formula


Lucky breaks and serendipity are great but how can you use marketing to turn winning new work into an approach that feels more like science than winging it?


Whether you are a director of a huge organisation, a founder of a startup or a freelancer – nailing down your unique marketing formula for reaching clients and generating business, is key.


Your growth marketing formula is a way to make business wins more repeatable, scalable and sustainable

What is a growth marketing formula?

A growth marketing formula is a go-to strategy. A simple but powerful equation to support you in winning work, business, followers and leads – in a way that feels more certain and repeatable, and less like luck.​

The formula is below, but filling in the blanks is the hard bit!

Growth vision = (now + tactics) – barriers + assets (x customer insights)

Why do I need one?

  • A growth marketing formula cuts through the noise 

  • It keeps you focused on where you and your business is heading

  • Prioritizes high value marketing activity

  • Helps you avoid distractions

  • Makes decision making easy

  • And gives you the confidence to build your business, your way


How do I test and shape my unique formula?

Resources below:

Growth Marketing Formula: view presentation

Lean Business Model Canvas: strategy on a page

Buyer Persona: Link to template


Deliver on promises: 90 day planning template

Let's talk

If you’d like to have a chat about how I can help you solve your marketing challenges, support your business's launch, grow on your terms or to land the right message, book your complimentary 30-minute consultation.

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