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2019 Planning & Trends Report

Get ready for team away days, planning meetings and budget talks with our top 5 marketing tactics for 2019.

Trend #1: Moving image

We are continuing to see an upward trend in video popularity. Even traditional professional services organisations are investing in in-house talent and production tech.

Keep video releases regular, consistent in their production (whether that be hand held iPhone, high production or animations) and made for mobile because 69% of digital media is now accessed by mobile devices.

Ready to take the lead? Considering all the major social media platforms are investing in live story platforms, live video is clearly going to be big for brands in 2019.

Content wise it’s all about showcasing your brand's personality. Think emotion, humour, complex information simplified and testimonials shared in more human way.

Trend #2: Brand influencers

Working with brand influencers is not just fashion bloggers pushing handbags on Instagram anymore.

With 75% of us trusting the opinions on social media to help us decide on a service, brand or product, influencer marketing is the fastest growing online acquisition tactic - beating organic and paid search in 2018.

Viewed by the B2B world as "partnership marketing with individuals"; brand influencers matter, and effective engagement of them can promote the authenticity and credibility of your brand.

Also consider that 47% of people engaging online now use adblockers, so over and above paid for digital advertising, influencer marketing is likely the most direct way to get to new audiences.

Think industry social media leaders, inviting guests to speak on your company podcast and employee advocacy online.

Want to find out who the influencers are in your space? Use keywords to find people on Twitter or Buzzsumo to gauge who is leading the conversation on various topics.

Trend #3: LinkedIn leads the pack

LinkedIn’s platform investments are paying off with 46% of social media traffic to corporate websites coming from the networking site. Yes people spend time on other social media networks, but they invest time on LinkedIn.

They’re looking for content that helps them solve a professional problem and if your content fits the bill, the results can be remarkable.

Leading brands are sharing more content, targeting promotions and releasing presentation material via SlideShare - which reaches 70 million unique visitors a month and is in top 100 global websites - to widen reach.

Trend #4: Automate and curate

Those with real smarts, work smart! So invest in automating campaigns and workflow as much as possible in 2019.

Increased automation of business-as-usual tasks allows savvy marketers to harness and harvest valuable data and to spend more human 'high-value' hours on content and curation. Good storytelling and effective dissemination take time!

It is important to keep on top of new trends, but curation also means cutting the fat, regularly. What campaigns or collateral are you producing that you could cut to make a bigger impact elsewhere?

Trend #5: Immersive brand experiences

As usual, where retail leads, B2B follows and one of the most exciting trends coming down the line is the rise of the "experience economy".

Immersive, sensory brand experiences include virtual and hybrid events, lobby exhibits and installations, augmented reality experiences, and cutting-edge pop-ups.

With 171million active virtual-reality (VR) users, some B2B organisations are using the technology at events, but the real value and strategic application of brand experience has a way to go.

This means now is a great time to get ahead of your competitors, but you'll need to be quick as 28% of B2B CMOs will be setting aside up to half their marketing budget for brand experience.


If you'd like Pink Mingo to help you explore how these tactics could be most impactful in an upcoming campaign or your annual marketing strategy, let's connect today.

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